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Embracing The Grey

Welcome to BluesEdge Lane Studios Photography!

In 2009, after a 20-year IT career, my time at Coca-Cola came to an end and I was ready to transition into photography as a full-time business, rather than a life-long passion. More than a few people thought I’d lost my mind, changing careers mid-life in an uncertain economy. And I have indeed faced my share of challenges, making a living doing what I love to do. But I also came to realize that I truly love photography and, hoping not to sound arrogant, I believe I’m pretty good at it. In the  years since starting this business, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and photographing wonderful people from all walks of life, their businesses and their loved ones. I would not trade a single client for all the corner offices in corporate America. Those who know me, know photography is not just what I do every day to try to make a living, it is a part of who I am just as surely as music is. I am humbled and thankful to each of you for letting me into your lives and allowing me to tell your story in photographs. I pledge to continue to serve you now and in the future, and for as long as I am permitted to. Thank you all so very much for your support!

Best Wishes,


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